When I get stuck in my writing and believe that I’ve written myself into a dead end, I’ll save that version of the draft and start a new one. Sometimes I go back and delete a few paragraphs, sometimes I radically change everything and simply start from the beginning. When I start from the beginning I like to go back to the old draft where I can copy/paste sections that were well written, just put in the wrong context. It makes the writing faster so you can get to the new parts.

Recently, I’ve finally reached beyond the point where the last draft ended and now I must write everything from scratch once again. It is equal parts tiring, and exciting.


Aspiring Authors Beware: Vanity Publishers

Vanity publishers are companies that have popped up alongside traditional publishers to target – not help – rejected authors. Vanity publishers are the snake oil salesmen of the literary world. They can have fancy, well polished websites that promise everything with little to no chance of ever delivering, at times even stealing the rights to manuscripts through clauses buried in complicated contracts. “I have read the terms and conditions” indeed. These publishers will do anything to get SOMETHING sold, getting them paychecks and maybe, maybe giving the author pennies to keep them quiet. These publishers have zero quality control, despite the author paying for editing, and claim that they’re going to do everything – and they might – with the author seeing zero profit.

While the list could go on for miles of these vanity publishers, there is one I would like to name specifically: AUTHORHOUSE PUBLISHING. Sounds rather writer friendly and official, doesn’t it? The perfect thing to have on the spine of a book. From personal experience, this is probably one of the worst places you could give your information to. Continue reading →

Who Doesn’t Like Free Things?

Tentatively following the steps of a certain Bridgett Morigna of the blog Writing and Musing (and countless web comics of which I read many) I’m considering “publishing” the manuscript of my first novel here on WordPress. I say manuscript in the best definition of the word, as the draft is not formally edited due to the lack of funds to hire a professional editor, however I would still call it perfectly legible and enjoyable.

I’m thinking posting a full chapter once a week (can’t get that with web comics) for your enjoyment, feedback, and constructive criticism. Additionally, I may look into setting up a Patreon account down the road based on popular demand. Patrons would enable multiple chapters a week, the funds for an editor to get the book closer to actual publication, a spot on the acknowledgments page of the published edition, and high paying patrons could even appear on the dedication page.

Comments of thoughts are highly encouraged at this point.

Planning for the Future

As the start of another year rolls around, I once again look toward the fast approaching, visually impenetrable wall that is the storm. A dust bowl as you see it rise up to cover the horizon, not knowing what’s behind the forefront, but to know it’s coming. There’s nothing you (or anything) can do to stop it, but you can choose to take cover, let it knock you down, or stand your ground as it washes over you. A rather desolate metaphor and imperfect, I admit, but there are times I can’t help but to feel threatened by the coming months. Continue reading →

Evasive Winds sneak peak

Evasive Winds Cover artExcerpt of my coming soon adventure novel Evasive Winds.

‘The sitting room was dark, the curtains drawn as usual to help her father’s hangovers. A figure was standing over something in the corner. Samantha crept forward, but stepped on a weak spot in the floorboards. The creak turned the figure to show Anne. Thrown in the corner was Samantha’s father as he clutched his oddly bent leg in agony.

“Salty, how good of you to join us,” Anne greeted with a brightness that clenched stomachs. “I was just having a conversation with the man of the house,” she claimed idly, knife twirling in her fingers.’

Never Trust the First Draft

soap boxThere’s no argument that the best thing you can do is simply write. Don’t stare at the blank page, the insertion point (the blinky line thing when you type) mercilessly mocking you. You cannot edit a draft with nothing to edit. However, once you get those words down for the first time, never leave it be. You can always do better. Edit. Edit with extreme prejudice. Continue reading →

New Author: Books VS E-books

writingAs an aspiring author caught between the milestones of completing a manuscript and seeing it available to the public, I have done exhaustive research between the possibilities of having a traditional publisher take care of my book, or self publish. Of course, each side has their benefits. Traditional publishers tend to have entire teams working on editing, formatting, designing, and marketing your book to be put on the shelves. (for the most part with exceptions here and there) However, the common downside is finding a publisher that will take on a new author, thus causing for numerous rejection letters.

On the other hand self publishing requires a lot of leg work from the author, from finding editors, and designers to work on your book, which then you need to find a distributor to sell the book to the general public. Essentially this means a lot of investment in your own product, which could get pricy if you’re not up to doing the work yourself. Continue reading →