Evasive Winds

Evasive Winds Cover artAir pirates, a plague on society best thrown to the authorities upon first sight, as Samantha was always told. There had never been a reason to question the decree until a near dead Captain Bloody Anne Cash washes ashore outside the small port town. Deciding to nurse Anne back to health, Samantha does not realize her mistake until the notoriously violent pirate forces her to be the captain’s first mate. With no ship, no weapons, and no men, Bloody Anne is on a mission to hunt down mutinous Hawkeye Frik, captain of The Red Nightmare, the most feared pirate ship of the skies and seas alike.

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Novel Summary

Novel: Forbidden Magic

Naked and confused, Derek wakes on a stone table with runic symbols carved into his chest, and no recent memory. The man that seems to hold the answers is a possessive spirit mage that claims to have large plans, with Derek at the center. Struggling to escape the mage and return home, Derek stumbles upon unlikely friends and dangerous enemies. He joins forces with a rough adventurer that claims she can help him – only after they save a fire mage in a kingdom that has deemed magic an act of treason, punishable by death.