Evasive Winds: Chapter Nine

Bloody Sea Salt

Cotton, it felt like her head was filled with it, which was not exactly bad. Beneath the dry fluff she was vaguely aware of an ache that longed to be felt. The ache tried to reach out and grip her, but the cotton was a stubborn substance in the midst of the darkness.

Eventually Sam grew tired of the monotony of the darkness. She attempted to locate the parts of her body that hadn’t been claimed by the ache beneath the cotton. An eye – the right, and most loyal one – opened. It looked about and reported a spacious room. Across from the bed in which she lay was a large wooden desk with a bolted down, swivel chair. A chest was carefully placed in the corner near the desk. The walls and a built-in bookcase stood empty. A line of windows allowed daylight to enter. There was a nightstand and a stool beside the bed. A large book was on the nightstand next to a glass jar, which was just out of her line of vision. Continue reading →


Evasive Winds: Chapter Eight

Pirates and Bandits

The traffic that circled the port of Amenand was a forceful business best handled by Anne. Sam hugged the railing beside her as they dipped, served, and cut off ships in the aerial fight for a parking spot. By the time The Downdraft was successfully docked in a cheaper portion of the port for the less prestigious, privately owned air ships Sam was a little too happy to get solid land beneath her feet.

“No, not even the king, is to step foot on this ship without the presence o’ me or Salty here,” Anne ordered Beneatha before they left. “And if Salty appears at gun or knife point, don’t let ‘em on. I already have one ship to hunt down, don’t make it two.” Continue reading →

Evasive Winds: Chapter Seven

Widened Horizons

That night Sam managed to conquer a few hours with sleep, tightly wrapped in a blanket that smelled of oranges. The next day she awoke to Anne dropping the larger bag of their belongings on top of her.

“We’ve burnt ‘nough daylight,” Anne snapped. “Get yer lazy bones up, ‘fore I presume ye dead.” Continue reading →