Two Sentence Story 4

I told my son he could take a bath if he remembered to turn the water off.
My socks are wet.


Evasive Winds sneak peak

Evasive Winds Cover artExcerpt of my coming soon adventure novel Evasive Winds.

‘The sitting room was dark, the curtains drawn as usual to help her father’s hangovers. A figure was standing over something in the corner. Samantha crept forward, but stepped on a weak spot in the floorboards. The creak turned the figure to show Anne. Thrown in the corner was Samantha’s father as he clutched his oddly bent leg in agony.

“Salty, how good of you to join us,” Anne greeted with a brightness that clenched stomachs. “I was just having a conversation with the man of the house,” she claimed idly, knife twirling in her fingers.’

Two Sentence Stories

An interesting exercise is the idea of two sentence stories that I’ve seen floating about the net. As the name implies, tell a story in two sentences, no more or less. An interesting exercise in boiling a plot down to the essential information, allowing the reader to fill in the rather large holes themselves, which in a way makes it all the better. I could say I’m going to strive to do one a day, but I don’t have the greatest track record of such things, so I’ll just attempt to do some occasionally. Any writing is better than no writing.