Never Trust the First Draft

soap boxThere’s no argument that the best thing you can do is simply write. Don’t stare at the blank page, the insertion point (the blinky line thing when you type) mercilessly mocking you. You cannot edit a draft with nothing to edit. However, once you get those words down for the first time, never leave it be. You can always do better. Edit. Edit with extreme prejudice. Continue reading →


Evasive Winds

Evasive Winds Cover artAir pirates, a plague on society best thrown to the authorities upon first sight, as Samantha was always told. There had never been a reason to question the decree until a near dead Captain Bloody Anne Cash washes ashore outside the small port town. Deciding to nurse Anne back to health, Samantha does not realize her mistake until the notoriously violent pirate forces her to be the captain’s first mate. With no ship, no weapons, and no men, Bloody Anne is on a mission to hunt down mutinous Hawkeye Frik, captain of The Red Nightmare, the most feared pirate ship of the skies and seas alike.

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New Author: Books VS E-books

writingAs an aspiring author caught between the milestones of completing a manuscript and seeing it available to the public, I have done exhaustive research between the possibilities of having a traditional publisher take care of my book, or self publish. Of course, each side has their benefits. Traditional publishers tend to have entire teams working on editing, formatting, designing, and marketing your book to be put on the shelves. (for the most part with exceptions here and there) However, the common downside is finding a publisher that will take on a new author, thus causing for numerous rejection letters.

On the other hand self publishing requires a lot of leg work from the author, from finding editors, and designers to work on your book, which then you need to find a distributor to sell the book to the general public. Essentially this means a lot of investment in your own product, which could get pricy if you’re not up to doing the work yourself. Continue reading →