Writing by the Seat of Your Pants Does Not have to Break Your Neck

So I’ve started using outlines to plot my novels. I was very much a chaotic writer, sitting down at the keyboard and letting the characters run rampant with a hope they’d stick to something of a plot. I’ve decided there are pros and cons to this. Continue reading →


Fighting Stagnation

So there’s little point in a blog that doesn’t update, no? To avoid such stagnation, I’m going to strive for weekly updates of the process of publication, including sneak peaks of what I’m working on. Keeping up with these updates will also hopefully motivate me to do something worthy of mention.

For those familiar with Rants of the Quiet, the sight has gone through a facelift. I felt the old theme had gotten clunky, and I decided the place needed to be reshaped to fit what it is. I took out irrelevant content, including some of the bland artworks. This is going to be a writing blog, so I opted to take out what did not reflect that.

For those interested in my non-writing artworks, check out my deviantART sites found in the links tab.