Poor Man’s Copyright

Any creator’s nightmare is theft of original ideas. Art thieves exist, stealing images from an artist to sell for personal gain and no credit to the original creator, so logically literature thieves exist. It’s a horror story for someone that has invested so much time into something they love just for someone else to take the credit. To battle this, I’m taking the advice of my father.

Once your manuscript is ready for mass production, create a copy with your name and even the date it’s printed on it. Then mail it to yourself to gain an official post mark on the sealed envelope. Once the package arrives in the mail DON’T OPEN IT. Lock in a safe so if there is ever a chance you have to take someone to court and prove that the work is actually yours, you have undeniable proof that you published (in a sense) the work first with a government stamp on it. (The post office is a federal institution after all.)


Entrepreneurship – The Business of Self Publishing

One thing that younger me never realized is putting a book out there isn’t as simple as throwing the final period into the manuscript. I will become a published author, but I naively never dreamed that doing so meant that I essentially had to become a business owner. But if that’s what it takes, then so be it.

For all intents and purposes, I have completed a manuscript to a satisfactory degree with no future planned edits. Now’s the time to take the true leap: getting things together to sell the product of my blood, sweat, tears, and a healthy dollop of soul. Through enough research to make me go cross-eyed, I’ve decided to pursue a version of the “American Dream” and self publish. As a Graphic Design major I have the tools, and feel confident to do all the various design elements myself (I won’t even charge myself). Now for something I had not realized to research: the matter of ISBN numbers, bar codes, and about everything else a reader completely skips over when they crack open a new book.

To some financial troubles, I have decided to pursue E-books first as I won’t have to deal with the cost of physical publishing – as much as it pains me to say. I will always prefer physical ink and paper in my hands. I may put together a Kickstarter to get true prints out there.

To one stubborn amateur to another, here are a few helpful links my research has uncovered.

ISBN and Bar Codes
25 Tips to Self Publishing

Publishing through CreateSpace
Publishing through LuluMicrosoft Word Formatting (even if you’re not using CreateSpace)

CreateSpace and Lulu seem like viable options for self publishing distributors, but I haven’t decided between them – or if I’m going to use either yet.

Baby steps. Baby steps.

Things in Progress

deluminate cover

Working cover for a novel in the process of being edited into completion.

Nightmares have plagued Jake since he was young. Now older, a stubborn courage uncovers the nightmares to not only be in his head, but are more dangerous than he ever imagined. Befriended by his mischievous shadow, he faces a world darker and more thrilling than his worst nightmare.  Bestowed a gift from the elemental of fire, Jake claims a false sense of security. Playing poker with demons, he keeps a blind eye to the growing monster in the mirror.
Too late to reverse his decisions, Jake must face the one nightmare he will never wake from, endangering not only his life, but the lives of his family.