Beneath the Corporate Ladder

The corporate ladder is all well and good for those that live off a salary, but then there are the hourly workers.  Those that are so far down the ladder that they are the ground that the ladder sits upon, supporting the ladder, completely depended upon by the ladder, but rarely thought upon. Continue reading →


Two Trips are for the Weak

End of the college school year, which means moving my dorm room back home in one car load.  Growing up as a military dependent, I’m a bit of a veteran when it comes to packing and making everything fit just so.  3D Tetris anyone?
All the same, it’s certainly a time to look at everything you probably once held dear, and irrefutably important in your life and decide that it simply takes up too much space.  I always surprise myself with how much I simply throw away.  Definitely feel like my bedroom back home is going to have a makeover with things that just need to disappear.  Seriously, where do all the stuffed animals come from?

Not all Pointless Games are Pointless

All devout fans of the famous video game company Nintendo have at least heard of (if not played) Animal Crossing at some point.  From the original Animal Crossing for the Nintendo 64/Gamecube, to New Leaf for the 3DS.  For those unfamiliar I’m talking of this:

Disgustingly cute, right? Right. Continue reading →